Freight Claims

To initiate the claims process, kindly send a fully filled freight claim form (PDF) to The guidelines for filing claims are outlined as follows:

  • CCL liability for lost or damaged carpet, area rugs, or other freight carried by CCL or any other carrier at its request, is limited to a maximum of $20 per square yard or the equivalent value.
  • Freight claims can only be made for the value of the damaged materials. All undamaged portions of the material cannot be included in the claim amount.
  • To receive the most favorable outcome, claims should be made within 7 days of the delivery date. Any claim made after 30 days of delivery will be automatically denied.
  • For damage claims, a CCL representative must inspect the damaged material before a claim can be processed. The CCL claims specialist will coordinate the inspection after the claim form is submitted. Claims will automatically be denied if the materials are not available for inspection.
  • Until the claim is processed and the responsible party is determined, CCL will not be responsible for the cost to replace the damaged or lost materials.
Freight Claims August 16, 2023